"C" Bands

Namesort icon Founded Country
Calvert, Robert 1945 Best known for his role in Hawkwind, the mercurial Robert Newton Calvert also recorded a pair of solo albums in the mid 70s with producer Brian Eno. Upon his departure in 1979 and up until his death in 1988, his work... United Kingdom
Camel 1971 United Kingdom
Can 1968 Dubbed "the world's most original rock band" by the British music press, Can are simply without peer. Germany
Caravan 1967 Along with Soft Machine, one of the original British rock bands from Canterbury. United Kingdom
Carmen 1970 This flamenco-rock band featured the talent of David Allen, and a pre-Jethro Tull John Glascock on bass. United States
Castello di Atlante, Il 1974 Although formed in 1974, Il Castello Di Atlante did not release any albums until the early 1990s. Beppe Crovella of Arti & Mestieri produced their first record, and the band continues strong as a potent live act... Italy
Cathedral 1975 From Long Island, Cathedral's lone 1978 release is regarded a classic of US prog rock. United States
Celeste 1976 Relatively obscure group from Sanremo that released one eponymous album in 1976. Considered a classic, it was released on the Grog label. Italy
Cervello 1972 Corrado Rustici's first band, brother of Danilo Rustici of Osanna. Italy
Cherry Five 1973 The precursor to Goblin, Cherry Five spent time in London prior to recording their first and only album. Italy
Città Frontale 1970 The mother of all "Neopolitan" prog bands, Città Frontale was the precursor to Osanna and Balletto di Bronzo. Their eponymous record was recorded in the mid-70s. Italy
Clearlight 1973 Project led by French keyboardist Cyrille Verdeaux France
Cluster 1971 Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius parted ways with Conrad Schnitzler to form Cluster in 1971. Their improvised music proved ground breaking in terms of structure and timbre, mostly composed by treated... Germany
Colosseum 1968 Led by Jon Hiseman, one of Britian's first jazz-rock bands. The core lineup came together in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers #89, for the Bare Wires album. United Kingdom
Colosseum II 1975 Latter-day outfit from Jon Hiseman, known for good musicians and unspectacular music. United Kingdom
Comus 1967 While the music is folk, the atmostphere couldn't be more weirder on this classic Dawn band's debut album. Death without the Metal? Prog before Prog? United Kingdom
Cousins, Dave 1945 Guitarist, singer and composer of Strawbs. United Kingdom
Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, The 1966 Combining Arthur Brown's soulful voice and stage theatrics, with Vincent Crane's masterful organ tone and Drachen Theaker's drumming, the Crazy World lit London's Underground on fire. However the flame was brief; after... United Kingdom
Cressida 1968 Atypical Vertigo label signing, produced two proto-prog albums in the early 70s. United Kingdom
Curved Air 1970 One of the few progressive bands to feature female vocals, Curved Air featured the talents of Sonja Kristina, Darryl Way and Francis Monkman. United Kingdom