"K" Bands

Namesort icon Founded Country
Kaipa 1973 Named after a Swedish stone age chieftain, Kaipa were founded by keyboardist Hans Lundsun and bassit Tomas Eriksson in 1973. Guitarist Roine Stolt, though only a teenager at the time, was an original member. Sweden
Kansas 1972 Kansas' legacy is undoubtedly as America's greatest progressive rock band, and their oeuvre would become the blueprint for a new breed of prog-metal bands that emerged in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. United States
Khan 1971 Steve Hillage's first group following his completion of studies at Canterbury. Second incarnation with Dave Stewart never recorded (he guested on their only record). United Kingdom
King Crimson 1968 From their debut album and striking cover art, constantly shuffling lineup, groundbreaking music, never-say-die reformations, no band epitomizes the "British prog" ethos better than King Crimson. United Kingdom
Kingdom Come 1971 Arthur Brown's post-Crazy World band. Third album made early use of drum machines. United Kingdom
Kluster 1969 As Kluster, Conrad Schnitzler and Hans-Joachim Roedelius, were pioneers of sound from a slightly older generation, using traditional instruments in the most untraditional ways to craft their art. They founded the Zodiac... Germany
Kraan 1970 Happiest band from Germany. When will the "jam band" audience find them? Germany
Kraftwerk 1970 From early free-form improvisation to the perfection of electro-pop, Kraftwerk reign as one of the most musically influential groups from the 70s. However, the Ralf & Florian and Autobahn era should appeal to most... Germany
Kristina, Sonja 1949 Sonja Kristina got her start singing in the musical Hair before joining Curved Air. She was also married to Stewart Copeland of the Police. United Kingdom