Prog Rock


In its first incarnation, Todd Rundgren's take on progressive rock

Founded: 1973

Location: New York City, New York

Van Der Graaf Generator

Led by the indefatigable Peter Hammill, perhaps the most original and significant group of the era; even "without the capes". Hammill is a complicated character, and so then is Van Der Graaf Generator: one moment placid and sympathetic, the next fierce and chaotic. His lyrics border the depth of literature, while his music, epic in nature, benefited from the band's original arrangements.

Founded: 1968

Location: London, England

Website: Van Der Graaf Generator


Wagner, Adrian

Great-great grandson of "the" Richard Wagner, Adrian Wagner was a collaborator with Robert Calvert, as well as a Charisma recording artist and inventor of the "Wasp" keyboard.

Founded: 1952

Location: Kent, United Kingdom

Website: Adrian Wagner's Home Page


Jürgen Dollase's self-proclaimed "symphonic rock orchestra". Released four interesting albums that feature the drumming of Harald Grosskopf. Later albums had great covers but are of little interest to the progressive listener.

Founded: 1971

Location: Moenchengladbach, Germany

Website: Harald Grosskopf | Wallenstein

Walsh, Steve

The voice of Kansas.

Founded: 1951

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Website: Steve Walsh

Way, Darryl

Violinist and composer for Curved Air

Founded: 1948

Location: Somerset

Website: Darryl Way


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Finland's world-class progressive rock band featured Englishman Jim Pembroke. Wigwam eventually signed to Virgin Records.

Founded: 1968

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Website: Wigwam - Nuclear Netclub

Wigwam Live at Liisankadun studio, Helsinki,1976

Nice clip of Finnish band [[bands/wigwam|Wigwam]] at Liisankadun studio recorded for Pop-Liisa, TV1 25.11.1976. Tracks are "Eddie And The Boys | Simple Human Kindness | Colossus | A Better Hold (And A Little View) | Grass For Blades". Presenter Vesa-Matti Loiri gives opening words, introduces the band in between the songs, and recites 'Syyslaulu' ('Tombstone Valentine' in Finnish)."



Post-Sebastian Hardie band

Founded: 1977

Location: Sydney, Australia

Yamash'ta, Stomu

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Classically-trained percussionist from Japan, Stomu Yamash'ta's career jumps between the avant-garde, traditional Japanese music, progressive jazz-rock and later in his career, soundtrack and new-age type music. For the progressive music fan, Come to the Edge, Eastwind and Go are not to be missed.

Founded: 1947

Location: Kyoto, Japan

Website: Perfect Sound Forever: Stomu Yamash'ta